About Us

At image food industries qualified people and modem facilities are factors that create a variety of Bubble Gum Products, Where we quest for ultimate customer satisfaction by offering quality products.

During its nearly 10 years of market presence, Image Food Industries has proven to be a healthy economic propeller with in its social system, not only contributing to advancement on the state and national levels, but also in the international arena.

Therefore, Today's Industrial era calls for men with a winning attitude to be its driving force. At Image Food Industries we have received , thanks to our founders, a legacy which sustains their entrepreneurial vision and hands its down to new generations with the aim of achieving success and acceptance for each and every individual who make our group's development possible.


Consolidate our leadership, prestige and our international presence in the confectionary Industry, We maintain a quality improving system, that achieves the acceptance of our products in the market and the integration of the organization.

Our Compromise is to offer the best possible quality and price as well as the best service, in order to satisfy our customer.